Gemious Ltd is a registered company SC0441656 and was set up by Jenny & Stuart McLaughlan. Formarly traded as Laughing Lamb Creations.

Jenny & Stuart are based in Dundee Scotland and have 2 little people, it is these 2 little people that inspired them to finally take a step and DO something!

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Jenny & Stuart for decades have been creating and innovating, spending many a night lubricating the creative juices with lager and trying to seek out viable business ideas, often finding they have more ideas than they have the time or money to create. Also, crippled with fear of the unknown, versus the known of stable employment.

For a long time, ideas just stayed trapped in their brains, only ever getting an airing with friends or each other. It was the birth of their second child, that finally inspired them to act.

Like many people who have children, they found that our society does not make it easy for families to work. Childcare is so extortionate. Faced with working more than full time hours, and losing the majority of spare salary on childcare seemed crazy. Why should they work so hard, to  miss out on their childrens lives and allow someone else to bring them up? So much so it would leave even a cinema trip up for negotiation financially. Another area they felt challenged on, was dealing with working while having children, who everyone knows pick up bugs and are then excluded from the childcare setting for days on end. This situation was putting both jobs at risk. Who would take the hit this time? Who's job was more important? An argument most families of young children will face. Without a family support network close by to step in, it was going to be difficult. Always looking to the future, they were also concerned about school holidays which last longer than most peoples annual leave, again how could they manage this?

The couple knew something had to change, this became even clearer when their son got Meningitis at 7 weeks old (he is thankfully fine and dandy, but it was close), an event that would put life into perspective and make them act!

The first viable lightbulb product they bought to market in 2010, was GUMIGEM. Gumigem is now a global brand and has won numerous awards. From this, a new market found them, relating to the sensory processing disorder market and Chewigem arrived. 

2015 saw the start of  their own brand childrens clothing label with a twist Moozels which is also sold on the Gumigem Website.  And an appearence on Dragons' Den.


Their ultimate ambition is to create an organsiation that offers true family friendly working conditions. Allowing people to choose a career that really fits around family. A company that operates from a position of trust rather than blame and guilt. The dream is to offer remote working opportunities that have a fixed salarly with no set working hours and no annual leave entitlement. You work and take time off as needed, their only ask, is that what you have been tasked with is completed within a certain timeframe. They believe giving people responsibility and tasks to be completed and being trusted to do it, will in return create a dedicated and loyal work force where there is give and take on both parts and by doing that, you will get more out of people than in a traditional employment setting. 

Jenny is also a keen supporter of new businesses and will willingly offer advice on anything, having learnt so much while traveling this path. She welcomes people to get in touch. 

This is their dream, this is their vision.

We would love to know how you find balancing employment and childcare, please let us know in our guestbook.

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